Wireless Rifle Endoscope Inspection Camera, IWOBAC 0.22inch Barrel Firearm WiFi Borescope Camera with Side-View Mirror and 3.28ft Cable, for Android & iOS Smartphone, Tablet for 5.56/6.5/.223/.22


  • Rifle Borescope Inspection: Our rifle borescope is designed for inspection of the rifle, guns and other firearm barrels to avoid oxidation and build-ups. With 1cm short focal length camera and detachable side-view mirror, you can inspect for barrel cleanliness, throat erosion, tool marks, rifling wear, chamber damage, and fouling
  • 0.22-inch Small Lens: It equipped with 1 meter/3.28ft elastic cable and 5mm/0.22-inch diameter camera lens allows for easy entry into rifle barrels as small as .20 caliber, and all larger caliber barrels as well. You can inspect all kinds of rifle barrel without worry! Like 5.56/6.5/.223/.22/.45/.270 rifles, etc. Come with a highly desired 45° side-viewing mirror that is perfect to exam barrel walls in detail.
  • 2.0 Megapixel HD & 6 Adjustable Led Lights: This Rifle borescope to be equipment with 2 MP camera, and support 1280×720 resolution that displays real-time high-definition images, also support for taking pictures and video recording. In order to get the sharpest output, you have to adjust the focus of the device. For better inspection, we certainly know that a rifle borescope needs to have good lighting, we have equipped 6 adjustable led lights on the probe camera for you to get the right amount
  • WiFi Connection & Easy to Set Up: Our iwobac wireless camera can connect with your Android phone or iPhone, and tablet via its own built-in Wifi. NO using extra adapter or cable, you only need to download and install the “MO-View” app on your device
  • More than a Rifle Borescope: It is also an industrial endoscope inspection camera, can be used as automotive tools, underwater sewage camera, wall inspection probe pipe camera, etc.



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